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Monday, March 26, 2012


Some important Monadic Information! 

We have finished mixing the remaining songs of "Body, Monad, World".  There are thirteen songs in total.  The entire album is available for purchase NOW.

Six of these songs have already been released as singles.  In the following months, we will continue to release the remaining seven songs for free on a semi-regular basis.  But if you can't wait until the remaining songs are released, you can purchase the entire album now, including artwork, liner notes, and lyrics.

In addition to the remaining as-of-now unreleased songs, included with the purchase of the album are two remixes of songs by the artist Perifery.  The two remixed songs are "I Can't Stop Buying Books" and "Are You a Zombie?"  We won't be releasing these remixed songs any time soon -- and they are really cool, so they are neat gifts for those who purchase the album.

In order to purchase the album, do the following. First, make a donation to the charity of your choice in the amount that you think is appropriate. Second, send an email to the following email address: 21stcenturymonads@gmail.com. In this email, simply tell us that you have made a charitable donation; you don’t need to tell us where if you don’t want to. We’d appreciate if you’d tell us the amount donated since we would like to know how much money has been raised in this fashion. However, we won’t require that you do this. There is no minimum amount you must donate (and obviously no maximum amount either). We are simply going to take your word that you have made a donation.

Once you have sent an email to 21stcenturymonads@gmail.com informing us that you have made a donation, your email address will be added to our address book, and you will be sent an email with a secret link to download the remaining material.

No money needs to go into our pockets even temporarily and there are no overhead costs.  We aren't trying to make money with this endeavor -- we are trying to do a little good for others.  

As mentioned, the .wav files will be 16 bit/44 khz, which is the same bit and sample rate as a CD. They’ll also be dithered to maximize sound quality. (If you don’t know what dithering is, don’t worry; basically, it’s a standard process one does when converting a 24bit file, which is the bitrate we record at, to a 16bit file; the Wikipedia article on dithering is accurate and interesting.) So the quality of the sound will be somewhat better than the free itunes/.mp3/.ogg files we’ll release.
We thank everyone who has already pre-purchased the album! 

(The previous post on this topic is: http://the21stcenturymonads.blogspot.com/2012/01/raising-some-money-for-charity.html) 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have received some interesting emails recently ... (part III)


Attention: Dear Winning Author!

This email is to notify you that your online draft was selected and entered into our Philosophicl Review free Third Category draw for automated peer review. WE are delighted to inform you that in this unsubmitted paper on-line award ballots you have subsequently emerged a winner and therefore entitled to PUBLICATION in the next issue of Philosophical REview, congratulations!!!

This is a computer generated selection of Internet philosopher, using on line drafts papers for drawings. This award is fully based on an automated peer review selection of winners using their online paper found from different World Wide Web sites.

Your paper which is designated
submission Number: 964-188
which subsequently won you the award in the 3rd category draws, prize is publication! This was organized through a computer peer reveiewing system drawn from over nine hundred million online philosophy papers from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually.

This award is being promoted and sponsored by conglomerates of multinational academic publishing companies, as part of their social responsibilities for the benefit of the philosophers across the Globe, where they have operational bases.

For claim please contact our journal team with the below details,we will release the page proofs to you as soon as when you reply:

Full Name:
Alternative E-mail:
Web address of your draft:
submission Number, quote in all correspondence with the journal: 964-188

Congratulation once more as we look forward to your prompt response! Be notify also that all authors must reply not later than ten days, After this date the issue goes to press and all unclaimed submissions are null and void.

Yours Truly
Mr. Hesperus Prah
Editorial assistant

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have received some interesting emails recently ... (part II)


Dear One,
I hope you will not mind this contact as I have seen your academia.edu profile today on line and have known you to be trusted, with this sad business. I am a widowed, having been all my years good wife of high level analytic philosopher in continental Europe, We live in secret as in my country analytic is not well respected. however now all is gone, my husband presumed dead and my health is not good I do not have long and no children or next of kin. From my husband’s secret archive, of which no thing hasknown even in the universities I have 3,000,000 unpublished ideas in unseen manuscripts which NO ONE has known about in his life, please I need YOUR help to transfer this ideas out of our country in time of war. For which we will list you as 40% AUTHOR for your help in this matter when the ideas are published in your country, please to suggest some reputable journal of your choice where we can publish together and bring our business to conclusion. Send me to my personal e-mail your name and contact, CV and writing sample and GOD BLESS you..

Monday, March 19, 2012

I have received some interesting emails recently ... (part I)

Fantastic results GUARANTEED

You phil0s0phy prof but too short papers, You have only small, short papers ,Analysis rejecting you every night?

Do not be inadequate any more !!

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Your readers will scream louder and louder every time,

L0ng hard papers get all the HOT action ,each one will COME OUT MULTIPLE TIMES in edited volumes.;

It really works – get our best secret remedy TODAY and you will never have to regret and edit yourself again

Caution advisory: tenured prof only,