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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The (Original) Monads' Music

A Sad State of Affairs

1. The Skeptic Song* (M4A) (MP3)
2. Counterparts* (M4A) (MP3)
3. The Missing Shade of Blues (MP3)
4. You Are My Everything* (M4A) (MP3)
5. Slap Me Happy (I’m Temporally Gappy) (MP3)
6. Let the Trolley Ride on Through (MP3)
7. Modus Tollens (MP3)
8. Meinongian Babe* (M4A) (MP3)
9. Meditations on Berkeley (MP3)
10. Problem of the Many (MP3)
11. I Need Your Love* (M4A) (MP3)
12. I Am The Fusion* (M4A) (MP3)
13. We Are The Monads (MP3)
The Monads are Shawn Larsen-Bright and Kris McDaniel (and Justin Klocksiem on tracks 3 and 11). All songs written and performed by The Monads. Copyright 1999 © Monadic Properties. The songs marked with ‘*’ have been remastered in 2009 by Kris McDaniel. Copyright © 2009 Monadic Properties.

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