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Monday, March 19, 2012

I have received some interesting emails recently ... (part I)

Fantastic results GUARANTEED

You phil0s0phy prof but too short papers, You have only small, short papers ,Analysis rejecting you every night?

Do not be inadequate any more !!

Our products make your arguments 1onger and harder GUARANTEED . You just need 1 month supply to see real increase in how 1ong and hard you are in print but for best results take for 12 month, (discounted rate extra bottle) and when you use our BONUS medicat10n you also STOP CARING if anyone can understand a fucking word, results in just three weeks from today, YOU WILL GO ALL NIGHT making same fucking point over and over

Your readers will scream louder and louder every time,

L0ng hard papers get all the HOT action ,each one will COME OUT MULTIPLE TIMES in edited volumes.;

It really works – get our best secret remedy TODAY and you will never have to regret and edit yourself again

Caution advisory: tenured prof only,

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