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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have received some interesting emails recently ... (part II)


Dear One,
I hope you will not mind this contact as I have seen your academia.edu profile today on line and have known you to be trusted, with this sad business. I am a widowed, having been all my years good wife of high level analytic philosopher in continental Europe, We live in secret as in my country analytic is not well respected. however now all is gone, my husband presumed dead and my health is not good I do not have long and no children or next of kin. From my husband’s secret archive, of which no thing hasknown even in the universities I have 3,000,000 unpublished ideas in unseen manuscripts which NO ONE has known about in his life, please I need YOUR help to transfer this ideas out of our country in time of war. For which we will list you as 40% AUTHOR for your help in this matter when the ideas are published in your country, please to suggest some reputable journal of your choice where we can publish together and bring our business to conclusion. Send me to my personal e-mail your name and contact, CV and writing sample and GOD BLESS you..

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